Our Company

Our Purpose

Learning Lab Apps’ purpose is to encourage the development of happy families by empowering parents to assist children to reach their full learning potential and gain a feeling of success.

What We Do

Learning Lab Apps is an edtech company that creates web and mobile applications to make teaching and learning easy. Our core focus is relevant, high quality educational content and beautiful, user-friendly apps that enhance the teaching and learning process. We build educational apps and develop curriculum content that make a real difference to the lives of teachers and students.

Our first education and learning app, WorksheetCloud, was launched in 2014. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out about our new products.

Our History

Our company story begins in 2014, but our history in education and technology goes all the way back to the early 90’s.

Learning Lab Apps was formed by partners with distinct backgrounds in education, teaching, technology and business development. The seeds for Learning Lab Apps were planted in 1995 when our Content Director, Dereck Marnewick, ended his 20 year teaching career to start his own educational software company that paved the way and inspired the idea for Learning Lab Apps.

Learning Lab Apps officially launched in April 2014 with our first app, WorksheetCloud, going live on 28 October 2014.


Dereck Marnewick

CEO & Co-founder

Graduating from the University of Cape Town with a BSc, Dereck taught physical science at prominent Cape Town high schools for over 20 years. In 1995 after seeing a need for quality, South African based educational software he founded EvaluNet, an educational software development company that pioneered assessment software in South Africa. Dereck is accountable for the overall company direction and strategy at Learning Lab Apps.

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Adrian Marnewick

Product Director & Co-founder

Graduating from the University of Stellenbosch and Louis Group Business Academy in Business Management & Marketing, and at the University of Cape Town in Project Management, Adrian is accountable for product development, direction and strategy behind Learning Lab Apps. Adrian has a long background in ecommerce and SaaS-based businesses with his involvement at international corporates like Amazon, as well as local South African ecommerce stores and service providers.

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